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People Talk. 

What's the best way to find out about a person? Ask their friends. 

Alexi Khaw - Copywriter at Dentsu One

I’ve been privileged to work with Elly for a little over a year. In that time, I found that Elly is a person who values knowledge above all. She’s always learning, always finding a solution even if it’s currently out of reach. She’ll find a way to make things work. Elly is always up for something new. She’s open-minded and will try almost anything you tell her about. Talk is cheap; Elly truly practices what she preaches. And she uses these experiences and accumulated knowledge to fill her creative palette.


Even then, she stays humble and objective. She’ll see both sides of every story and every line in between. She’ll stick with you to the end. She’ll do her best to protect her team, even if it means putting her head on the chopping block. Her empathy is a rare trait that can never be overlooked. As a colleague and a friend, she’s a blast to be around both in and out of the office. It’s tough to pinpoint her greatest aspect. For it's the sum of her qualities that make her an amazing person. Just try not to be alarmed when she sneezes.

Worked With Alexi at Dentsu One

Pamela Ooi - Business Director at Consider iProspect
There is always a motto that a creative will stand by, "No Brief, No Talk". Elly is one of those rare people who is truly passionate about her craft and will live and breathe what she believes in. She is actively planning through an integrated approach which effectively showcases her innovative creativity and to explore out of the box creative executions. She is not only a great designer, however, she is able to communicate effectively with the team as well as with clients. I truly enjoyed my time in Leo Burnett working with Elena. Looking forward for more experiences together if the future permits.

Worked With Pamela at Leoburnett Malaysia

Melissa Chan - House Keeper at Baba & Nyonya Museum Malacca

Elly is a wonderful team-player. Enthusiastic, bubbly, ready to listen and always seeing the light.

She comes alive on digital campaigns and shines in communicating and presenting those ideas.

A digitally focused art director in the making! Even if for a short while, very thankful for her time with us.

Worked With Melissa at Lucideas Sdn Bhd

Lee Siew Tin - Communications Consultant at World Vision Malaysia

Ideas-driven, dependable and an absolute joy to work with!

Worked With Siew TIn at Ogilvy One Malaysia

Uzz Taufek - Digital and Integrated Jedi  at Weber Shandwick

Elly is one of those people who is truly passionate about her craft. She lives and breathes design. She embraces an integrated mindset which allows her to be innovative, focus on effectiveness and always thinking out of the box. Her creativity goes beyond design because Elly connects with the clients extremely well, providing room for good communication, exciting briefs and great work. A trait that is prevalent amongst great designers.

Worked With Uzz at Leoburnett Malaysia

Nadhirah Nadzri - Copywriter at Saatchi Arachnid

Elena was my partner at Tribal DDB. Though we only worked for a short while, it was a great time. Working with Elena is fun, imaginative and always an adventure. Her ideas push the boundaries and are exciting. She's got a great mind and she's not afraid to try new things. If given a change, I won't hesitate to work with Elena again.

Worked With Nadhirah at Tribal DBB Malaysia

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