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Home Defender



Home owners were resorting to others means for pest extermination. Unfortunately the other means

aren't quite specialised when it comes to pesticides being used in homes. Client wanted to remind home
owners why they are the best in the business and how their expertise are second to non.


During the inception of Home Defender, Facebook Games were the craze and

brands were leaping onto the bandwagon. Seeing that home owners were flocking to Facebook for tips,
news and discounts, it was wise to be where the conversations 
was at.


To educate home owners on brand's offerings, we created the Home Defender Game where users
are able to invite friends on Facebook to help them rescue their home or place of business. While playing the game,
user are able to learn the common type of pest that would lurk in their homes and the type of pesticides
used to exterminate the pest. Each levels completed, users will be rewarded with a discount if ever they chose

to use the services of provided by the brand. The higher the levels, the higher the discounts.

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