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Driving Dreams



Malaysia Day was around the corner and at the peak of the airbag recall, the brand needed
to re-inspire and solidify the brand believe. To be reminded that they are about the people and their dreams.


The founder, Soichiro is all about dreams. He celebrates individual who strive to achieve their dreams.
Inspired by Soichiro's belief we went on a hunt to find exceptional individuals within Honda. 



Through our search, we found a multitude of human stories within the organisation.
We identified 3
archetypes that embodies the spirit of Honda: 
The Fighter, The Pioneer and the Trailblazer. Around them we dug deep and put to light their story of loyalty, passion and perseverance. We featured their stories in a 3 part series and launched the first video (video below) on Malaysia Day itself.  Through Driving Dreams, we were able to show proof of Soichiro's legacy. That the Power of Dream still stood through the test of time.

Driving Dreams

Driving Dreams

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