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Drink Sensibly



Awareness on driving under the influence in Malaysia is quite scarce. Though the most obvious implications are summons

or worse death by accidents, the masses aren't aware that there are other side effects to irresponsible drinking.


Youtube videos were ​starting to make an impact on peoples lives in the mid 2000.

It became the go to source for information and education.



By leveraging on the popularity of Youtube, we created Gabby the mascot for the Drink Sensibly campaign.

Through a series of animated videos, Gabby educated Malaysians on the implications of irresponsible drinking.

Gabby and Drink Sensibly was so well received, the campaign expended to a full fledge 360 campaign. Consumers are able to check out the app to monitor how much drink have they had through "walk the line" test by using the gyroscope on their phone. Visit the website to find out the effects of alcohol on their health and when ever they are at any GAB events, we created a chill out corner for them to sober up by providing them water or coffee before heading home.

Drink Sensibly

Drink Sensibly

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