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Fan Engagement App

Being one of the premier top tier English football club with a massive global following, we saw an opportunity to connect both club and fans together. With the support of the bank, we partner with the club to create a platform which enables fans to keep up to date with the team's matches and providing engaging tools for them to be a part of the team's journey.



To create a platform where fans are able to engage with the football club and create an awareness on the bank's 
presence within the sports industry. At that same time, attract new consumers with the bank's
offerings via the partnerships with the football team 


Visual Design  |  Sketching  |  Wireframing  |  Screen Flows  |  Interaction Design | UX Research


Essentially it was an open brief to the agency. To an extend not a bad thing but as we dig deeper and due to sheer scale of the project (started in 2018 and still ongoing) and ​number of stakeholders involve from both football team and bank we needed to breakdown everything into priority list. Asking what are the things we need to address and following which what are the most crucial product we'd needed to launch first.

From our many scrums and workshop session, we were able to come to consensus due to the
research data we retrieve during the uncover stage. We knew that the team had a huge following but what we didn't
know how engage they were. From our learnings we realise that the fans are not only eager to interact but wants
to be in every aspect of the team. Essentially echoing the team's tagline " You Will Never Walk Alone"


We first started the campaign by creating fan engagement app where fans are able to get up close to the team and players like never before. In the last 2 years, we kept the content of the app fresh by planning and studying behaviours of the fans and real time events in respect to the team.  Breakdown of content develop are as below.


Game time is very important for a football fan and because the team has fans all over the world, time difference can be issue for countries in Africa and Asia. Play time for those region could be in the wee hours of the morning. We created the CALL UP as means to help fans stay on track with game time. We got Klopp (team manager) and 5 players to record multiple version of call up videos that would be set at random to call their fans. Fans are also able to select their favourite list LFC songs as their ringer for the call.



The Anfield sign has major significant not just for the team but for the fans themselves. Touching the sign before game time has always been the tradition as a means of good luck. Fans are only able to touch this sign when they go over to Anfield for a museum visit. To accessibility to the fans, we create a digital version on the app where fans could tap the sign before game time as means of showing support to the team. If the game happens to be on Anfield, players are able to see how many fans have given their support during the game.


To keep conversation going and also include fans into real time events, we create graphic animation of the most eventful happenings either during game time or trending topic. Fans are then able to view this reflected on their team jersey (image top left)
or even share this animation or flat graphic on their social media. 


The other feature we incorporated within the app is the infamous Anfield Bootroom. At the height of the club's time its most prominent managers (Shankly and Paisley, to name. a few ) would gather in the small space to speak strategy and find out the latest intel on opposing teams. Unfortunately during the latest renovation of Anfield, the room was demolished. To give fans a taste and experience how it was like to be in the room, we create an AR simulation with Bob Paisley as the commentator to take the fans through the bootroom. Fans are able to interact with multiple item in the room and play a spot of game and leave their signature in the famous redbook.







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