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Automotive Website



The site was struggling to remain relevant but from its outdated ux and ui and the multitude
of navigational layers, visitors are
bombarded with irrelevant information. As a result of bad experience,
bookings for test drives are at an all time low.


Due to its premium offerings, the brand is fortunate in the loyalty department.
Fans are constantly eager to find out what is new when it comes to the brand. 



Working closely with Sitecore, we first ran through analytics using the data provided by the client to see how visitors interacted with their website and mobile site. From the data, we recreated the site's information architecture, experience and interface. Each touch point was created and placed based on user's interaction data. Content with the most traction would be priorities within the architecture to make user's experience more seamless and personalised. The site also becomes more socially friendly allowing users to share any content within the site. From the trial run, we were able to demonstrate the ease of making a booking for a test drive as well as showcasing which dealership was at its best and closest to the users.

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